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They say distance makes the heart grow fonder so if you want a little break away from your specs, contact lenses are a popular way to improve your vision. Properly prescribed contacts offer freedom to people of all ages who live an active lifestyle and can cater to a range of prescriptions.

Visit us for a contact lens consultation, and our Optometrists will check your eyes and determine whether contact lenses are suitable.

To walk you through the process it happens like this:

Some description 1. Initial Consultation

After an eye test, our Optometrist will recommend the contact lens most suited to your eyes and lifestyle. A pair will be fitted
on you so you can experience them on. Once you are happy
with the vision and comfort, we will remove them and discuss your questions.

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2. Teach & Fit

Next we go through the stage of guiding you with the insertion and removal of contact lenses. Once we are confident with your technique, you are then given a few trial pairs to take home. Our optometrists will show you how to clean, disinfect and look after your lenses.

Some description 3. Aftercare

An appointment will be arranged to see you a short period later (usually about a week) for an aftercare to see how the lenses fit and to answer any further questions you may have. 

Prescribing contact lenses requires a high level of care, as they are placed directly in front of the eyes and a good fit is required.

Poor fitting lenses can lead to severe eye problems including dry eyes and infections and contacts need
to be cleaned thoroughly and disinfected regularly.  

Here at Eyestore we work with the world’s leading brands to offer you the best vision. Between soft and hard contact lenses you will also have the flexibility to choose whether daily, fortnightly, monthly disposable or extended wear best suits you.

But don't worry, we will guide you all the way. Promise.