"We don’t just make good glasses. We also have a mission"

To improve the quality of life through the gift of sight to those less fortunate through our international community projects.

We give back to the local community with regular school screenings to detect vision problems in students that may not have been picked up by parents or teachers. We understand the importance of detecting vision problems as early on as possible.

Visiting local nursing homes is also part of our giving back program. The elderly often have limited access to health services, so we make it easier by bringing our services to them.

Twice a year, we head over to the villages of Cambodia and Vietnam as part of an eye camp to assist the under privileged with the treatment of eye diseases and to restore sight through cataract operations.

As part of their training, our Optometrists have travelled to pockets of India, rural Australia and New York City to help protect the gift of vision.




Vision is priceless and we believe it should be freely available to everyone. However, in parts of Cambodia today , poor health, lack of education and poor infrastructure drives the locals deeper into the poverty cycle.

Many have no choice but to put up with crippling vision. Susan Ang heads the Optometry Team in the Cambodia Vision group. They hold vision camps annually  in rural villages of Kratie and Kampot to restore sight through Cataract Surgery.

For more information on how to support this charity or volunteer your time and services please visit www.cambodiavision.org.au